Dissertation/Thesis Committees

PhD candidates: The examining committee is made up of no less than five graduate faculty members, one of whom must be from a Department other than the student's Department, nominated by the major professor, Head of the Department and appointed by the Dean. One member of the committee may be from outside the Health Sciences Center. The Dean may serve as a member or may appoint members to the Committee.

MS candidates: Final approval of the thesis rests with a committee of not less than 3 graduate faculty members, 1 of whom must be from a department different than the student's department, nominated by the head of the department, and appointed by the dean.



Dissertation/Thesis Forms

Request Form: http://graduatestudies.lsuhsc.edu/docs/Dissertation%20&%20Thesis%20Request.pdf. The request form must be submitted two weeks prior to the defense. 

Report Form: http://graduatestudies.lsuhsc.edu/docs/Dissertation_Thesis_Defense_Final_Exam_Report.pdf 


Dissertation/Thesis Binding & Publication

After your defense, you must submit at least two copies of your printed dissertation or thesis for binding. The two copies are for the library and for the dean. These two copies are paid for in your graduation fees that appear in your fee bill. You may order additional copies and there is no limit on how many you can order. Each additional copy costs $8 and can be paid by check or money order made out to LSUHSC. 

You must also submit your dissertation or thesis to ProQuest for electronic publication at the following link:https://secure.etdadmin.com/cgi-bin/etdadmin_login?form=etdadmin&request_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.etdadmin.com%2Fcgi-bin%2Fstudent%2Fetd