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Interdisciplinary Program

Interdisciplinary Program

The School of Graduate Studies established the Interdisciplinary Program in 2005, to allow students entering into doctoral training at LSUHSC-New Orleans to enroll in an interdisciplinary curriculum and undertake research rotations with a wide variety of faculty mentors.  Over the first year of study, students complete foundational course work in biochemistry, molecular biology, and systems biology, and they complete a series of four research rotations with Graduate Faculty mentors in LSUHSC basic sciences departments or Centers of Excellence. At the completion of the first year, students select a mentor and determine the basic science program where they will complete required coursework and conduct research for their dissertation.

The program provides training options through seven Basic Science programs:

Faculty in the following Centers of Excellence also serve as mentors for biomedical research training through curriculums in the programs listed above:


The mission of the Interdisciplinary Program to prepare students for a career in biomedical science and to help them gain competence in the application of the principles of cellular and molecular biology to the understanding of organ-based function and pathophysiology through a program of didactic and laboratory research experience.


Exposure to the basic principles of multiple disciplines spanning from cellular and molecular biology to organ-based biology will prepare students to understand and integrate biological processes at multiple levels of organization. 

The Program Provides

  • A solid integrated foundation in molecular, cellular and systems biology
  • Small class sizes and courses tailored to biomedical graduate students
  • A broad selection of potential mentors
  • Improved opportunities for collaborations, interactions and collegiality

The first year curriculum is comprised of the following:

  • Orientation Program – Begins August 1, 2023
  • Fall & Spring Required Course Work:

INTER 111: Biochemistry

INTER 121: Cell and Molecular Biology- A

INTER 122: Cell and Molecular Biology- B

INTER 125: Microbial Pathogenesis

INTER 131: Biological Systems -A 

INTER 132: Biological Systems -B 

INTER 141: Introduction to Genetics 

INTER 142: Principles of Pharmacology I

INTER 143: Experimental Design & Analysis

INTER 220: Ethics in Biomedical Sciences 

INTER 200: Professionalism in Science I 

INTER 240: Professionalism in Science II 

INTER 260: Responsible Conduct of Research I



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