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Application Procedure and Forms

  1. Application Form: Complete the  School of Graduate Studies Application Form.

  2. Admissions Fee: The admission fee for each program in the School of Graduate Studies is $30. Make checks or money orders payable to "LSUHSC." We do not accept cash, credit cards, or bank tranfers at this time.
  3. Official Report of GRE Scores: Request that the ETS send an official report of your Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores to code 6600. We require a total combined score of at least 300 on the Verbal and Quantitative sections.

  4. Transcripts: Send one copy of your unofficial transcript from each college or university that you have attended (including other institutions in the LSU System). Transcripts that show transfer credits from other colleges you have attended are not acceptable. Official transcripts are required upon invitation to interview or acceptance. You must have a GPA of at least 3.0 for undergraduate work & 3.0 for graduate work, based on a 4-point scale. You must have obtained a baccalaureate degree from a college or university approved by a regional accrediting agency and have been in satisfactory standing at the most recent educational institution attended. 

  5. Goal Letter: All programs require a letter from applicants stating your long-term and short-term goals in relation to your program of study.

  6. Letters of Recommendation: Arrange for at least two letters of recommendation to be sent to this office (preferably from professors who have taught you in the basic sciences). Use the Letter of Recommendation Form provided.

  7. TOEFL/ IELTS: International students must submit scores from the TOEFL or IELTS.

* Individual Programs may establish requirements more rigid than the minimal standards of the School of Graduate Studies, so a student meeting minimal School requirements may not be adequately prepared to enter graduate study in a particular program.


All application materials can be sent as PDF attachments to
Items may also be sent via postal mail to the following address: 

 Office of Student Affairs
School of Graduate Studies
LSU Health Sciences Center
433 Bolivar Street, Suite 826
New Orleans, LA 70112

Students will be notified of acceptance into the graduate program by the specific department and then by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.


Graduate students, who apply for admission to the LSU School of Medicine, or any other professional school, shall not be enrolled in the professional school until they have completed the graduate degree toward which they are working.

Stipends and Tuition Credit Packages

The School of Graduate Studies gives stipends and full tuition credit packages to all students admitted into a Ph.D. program. In addition, graduate students can also participate in the following training opportunities:

  • Fellowship available from the Louisiana Board of Regents Superior Graduate Student Training Program in Integrative Pharmacological Sciences and Therapeutics.  (more information)

  • The Biomedical Alcohol Research Training Program at the LSU Health Sciences Center is a predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowship program (MD, PhD or equivalent).  (more information)

Consult the LSUHSC-NO Office of Financial Aid for more information about grants, scholarships, loans, and part-time employment.

Information about Tuition and Fees can be found here: