School of Graduate Studies

MD-PhD Program



Name: Robert Fuchs

Year: G3

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Education: 2015 BS Biochemistry - University of Nevada, Reno


Past Research Experience:

2012-2015 University of Nevada, Reno under supervision of Seungil Ro, PhD. Investigated smooth muscle degeneration associated with chronic partial intestinal obstruction in mice.

Also experience with C. elegans to investigate axon guidance in development, and with EEG recording in autism spectrum disorder individuals.



Park C, Lee MY, Silvano OJ, Park PJ, Ha S, Berent RM, Fuchs R, Collins NC, Yu TJ, Syn H, Park JK, Horiguchi K, Miano JM, Sanders KM, Ro S. 2015. Loss of serum response factor induces microRNA-mediated apoptosis in intestinal smooth muscle cells. Cell Death and Disease doi: 10.1038/cddis.2015.353.

Lee MY, Park C, Berent RM, Park PJ, Fuchs R, Syn H, Chin A, Townsend J, Benson CC, Redelman D, Shen TW, Park JK, Miano JM, Sanders KM, Ro S. 2015. Smooth muscle cell genome browser: Enabling the Identification of Novel Serum Response Factor Target Genes. PLoS One 4(10):e0133751.

Park C, Lee MY, Park PJ, Ha SE, Berent R, Fuchs R, Miano JM, Becker LS, Sanders KM, Ro S. 2015. Serum reponse factor is essential for prenatal gastrointestinal smooth muscle development and maintenance of differentiated phenotype. Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility 21(4): 589-602.


Current research interest: Molecular mechanisms for behavioral phenomena (e.g. addiction)

Current medical interest: Psychiatry

Career goal: Academic medicine

Best thing about MD/PhD program: Both degrees means the best of both worlds!

What makes me unique: I've never had shrimp

What makes me common: I avoid the French Quarter at all costs