Graduate Research Day 2020

(photos by Leigh Smith-Vaniz)

The 34th Annual LSUHSC Graduate Research Day was held on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 and Thursday, November 5, 2020 via Zoom. Graduate students participated in 5 minute oral presentations. 


Award Winners

The winners of the presentations were Alexandra Denys (Pharmacology), Mona Elgazzaz (Pharmacology), Robert Fuchs (Pharmacology), Phaethon Philbrook (Genetics), Jonquil Poret (Physiology), Steven Scahill (Pharmacology), and Ashley Winters (Microbiology).

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  Dr. Angela Amedee & Alexandra Denys          Mona Elgazzaz & Dr. Hamilton Farris

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    Dr. Hamilton Farris & Jonquil Poret                Dr. Hamilton Farris & Ashley Winters


The School of Graduate Studies announces the Jack Hines Memorial Award during Graduate Research Day each year. This award is given to a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the School of Graduate Studies in honor of the beloved Jack D. Hines, III, former Director of the School of Graduate Studies. 

This year's recipient of the Jack Hines Memorial Award was Dr. Patricia Molina

Past winners of the Jack Hines Award are: Dr. Jamie Becnel (2012), Dr. Fern Tsien (2013), Dr. Kathleen McDonough (2014), Dr. Sonia Gasparini (2015), Dr. Andrew Hollenbach (2016), Dr. Diptasri Mandal (2017), Dr. Hamilton Farris (2018), and Dr. Joy Sturtevant (2019).